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Our vision

Our vision

Companies undergo sudden major changes leading to an enhanced complexity in their organization.

100 Ways is a change agent and facilitator that accompanies them by designing successful change management processes fostering growth towards new environments, as well as sustainable performance, by means of :

  • Mobilizing commitment and ambition
  • Clarifying policies
  • Monitoring and orchestrating real change
  • Federating teams
  • Increasing professional standards
  • Supervising key processes
  • Developing a performance culture
  • Fostering fulfilment and personal growth

Determining the strategy of intervention

Through an analytical approach

  • To consider company management history in change perception and the company’s strategic vision
  • To build a solid support and training program, best designed to meet current needs and company operational objectives
  • To evaluate skills already mastered by the target population and validate qualifications through reinforcement or development

Constant leadership throughout the change process

Through the set up of action plans with Managers to launch and drive change :

  • To establish links with the dynamics of progress and facilitate company feedback.
  • To constantly make adjustments to input and methods, in relation to the evolution of acquired skills.
  • To identify strong internal communicators to relay your message and to support them through coaching
  • To evaluate results in operational terms, individual and collective progress.
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